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how to buy jewelry from online shop-instagram

I am a jewellery seller from China. I will tell you about my experience selling goods for your reference on how to complete the purchase on the Internet. Since 2010, I have been selling things on the Internet. After many years of external sales on the Internet, I summarized the following normal sales steps for buyers:

1. Take instagram for example if you need to buy an engagement ring. You can search for the tag #jewels in the search bar. Click on several pictures to find the buyer's contact information.

2. It is important to first confirm the material of the jewelry, because the product photos of 18k white gold + diamonds look the same as the silver + zircon images. In the process of purchase, first confirm whether the seller sells the products you want. product.

3. When you are ready to order after confirming the product, if you are buying a ring, you need to pay attention to the size of the ring. Because the ring is a product with a difference in size that cannot be worn, a professional seller will know how to measure the size. The standard for different country sizes is also different. For example, Kuwait’s No. 7 is the same as the No. 7 in the United States. The Japanese number is different from other countries. The European number is also different and it is finally confirmed with the buyer.

4. Questions about payment can ask the seller, as well as the post-sale problem if the product is not like or broken How to repair and other issues

5. After the payment is completed, the seller will tell you the express address, postal code, etc. Finally, it will wait for the arrival of the goods.

I hope this article helps you to start your online shopping trip

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