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How to buy gold jewelry? How to calculate the price of gold necklace?

Friends often ask how the price of gold is recently, and how to buy a gold necklace is more cost-effective.        When you buy gold, do you often see the price of gold xxx / g in some jewelry stores when you shop for jewelry stores? .   The price of gold is usually calculated as gold price / g + labor cost / g = total price / g   Many jewelry stores sell gold as follows:   Free work fee to attract customers + high gold price   Low gold price attracts customers + high engineering fees   1. (total price) divided by total grams = total price / g If a friend who wants to save money uses this price to compare with each other, see who has a high cost performance.   2. Of course, many friends also said that I like the XX brand, XX's gold workmanship is good, XX's brand design is beautiful, but the price is a little higher. Brand premiums are also high, so don't care too much about the price / performance ratio for your favorite brands.      Of course, everyone buys gold jewellery for different purposes, and everyone chooses according to their own economic capabilities and needs.   How do you choose gold? Welcome message exchange
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